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Hailed as a singing-actress, Nelly Miricioiu is one of the most versatile artists of our day. Her repertoire extends from Mozart and bel canto to Verdi, Puccini and the verismo to modern Italian opera Respighi and Zadonai, taking in French and Russian composers too. Her artistry has been praised by everyone, from fans to critics and fellow opera singers. She has sung all over the world on the most prestigious opera stages, from the Royal Opera House to La Scala, to the Met,to Sydney Opera House, to Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. For all that and more you can visit her official website, www.nellymiricioiu.com. This is something different. Rarely can all the official data and information convey the soul of an artist, the energy behind the artistry, the story behind each character, the person who goes home once the thick opera curtains have fallen. This is why Nelly and I, have come up with an idea of a blog. Welcome to Nelly's blog,the woman behind the diva.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

A day to Celebrate

Today, two very important people in Nelly's life are celebrating their birthday.
The first one is none other than Maria Tudosa, Nelly's mother, a wonderful artist and human being who has inspired Nelly in her career as an opera singer. Like we've mentioned in previous posts, Maria herself was a singer who later on dedicated herself to painting and poetry.

The second person in Nelly's life to celebrate his birthday today is David Harper, noted accompanist, vocal coach and cherished friend. Their collaboration started shortly after Nelly settled in England and continues to the day and together they have given historic recitals.

La multi ani draga noastra Cella, happy birthday David!

Below a video of Nelly and David during a concert in Amsterdam in 1996

Thursday, 17 June 2010

London Master Classes Update

Norma Saipe, the organiser of the London Master Classes has informed us that tenor Ian Partridge will also be taking part together with other LMC Associates in the opening concert In Memory of Philip Langridge. More updates and details to follow.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A unique memory and performance

Every performance is memorable for an artist but sometimes something happens and it makes the performance and the memory of it unique. This was the case last year when during the second act of her second performance as Tosca last year at Royal Opera House, Nelly wore jewellery that belonged to Princess Grace Kelly worth £3m.

Friday, 4 June 2010

London Master Classes and a unique concert in memoriam Phillip Landridge

London Master Classes is an organisation devoted to promoting classical music courses offering public masterclasses with leading performers working with advanced classical music students and young professionals before audiences in major London venues.
Founded in 1988 it attracted a great number of distinguished conductors, singers and instrumentalists such as Sena Jurinac, Philip Langridge, Ileana Cotrubas, Giuseppe di Stefano, Norma Fisher, Sergei Leiferkus, Sherrill Milnes, Ralph Kirshbaum, Rosalind Plowright and of course Nelly Miricioiu, who has been a a fervent supporter of this project and has given several masterclasses since 2000.
This year Nelly will continue her support for the organisation by taking part on 4 July, in the opening concert of the masterclasses, a concert organised in memory of Philip Langridge and in aid of London Master Classes Bursary Fund. The concert will feature a stellar cast: Nelly Miricioiu -soprano, Rosalind Plowright - mezzosoprano, Norma Fisher - piano, Sir John Tomlinson -bass, Raloh Kirshbaum - cello

For further info about the masterclasses, teachers and participants please go to the London Master Classes official website. Meanwhile we will come back with more details and the concert programme.