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Hailed as a singing-actress, Nelly Miricioiu is one of the most versatile artists of our day. Her repertoire extends from Mozart and bel canto to Verdi, Puccini and the verismo to modern Italian opera Respighi and Zadonai, taking in French and Russian composers too. Her artistry has been praised by everyone, from fans to critics and fellow opera singers. She has sung all over the world on the most prestigious opera stages, from the Royal Opera House to La Scala, to the Met,to Sydney Opera House, to Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. For all that and more you can visit her official website, www.nellymiricioiu.com. This is something different. Rarely can all the official data and information convey the soul of an artist, the energy behind the artistry, the story behind each character, the person who goes home once the thick opera curtains have fallen. This is why Nelly and I, have come up with an idea of a blog. Welcome to Nelly's blog,the woman behind the diva.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Two Romanians on the same page

The Times have published an interview with Antonio Pappano, the Royal Opera House Music Director to preview his BBC series on Italian Opera. The article featured Pappano's top 10 Italian Operas and Nelly was pictured as the representative Norma whilst Romanian baritone George Petean was the Figaro of choice.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Adriana in Timisoara impresses bloggers and fans

A wonderful article published on the Romanian blog, Operaonline after Nelly's performance as Adriana Lecouvreur in Timisoara.
Click here to read the article as well as the fans reactions; and speaking of the Timisoara performance a video recording should be arriving soon.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Up close and personal Nelly Miricioiu

The online Italian opera magazine GB Opera have published an interview with Nelly for their Senza trucco series. The interview consists of 50 questions, which each featured artist is asked to answer. Nelly has enjoyed tremendously slightly unorthodox but very interesting and funny questions. Hope you will as well!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Adriana Lecouvreur backstage and afterparty

Thank you Daniela for the wonderful pictures