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Hailed as a singing-actress, Nelly Miricioiu is one of the most versatile artists of our day. Her repertoire extends from Mozart and bel canto to Verdi, Puccini and the verismo to modern Italian opera Respighi and Zadonai, taking in French and Russian composers too. Her artistry has been praised by everyone, from fans to critics and fellow opera singers. She has sung all over the world on the most prestigious opera stages, from the Royal Opera House to La Scala, to the Met,to Sydney Opera House, to Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. For all that and more you can visit her official website, www.nellymiricioiu.com. This is something different. Rarely can all the official data and information convey the soul of an artist, the energy behind the artistry, the story behind each character, the person who goes home once the thick opera curtains have fallen. This is why Nelly and I, have come up with an idea of a blog. Welcome to Nelly's blog,the woman behind the diva.

Friday, 30 April 2010

A night at the opera..

This wasn't an uneventful "Adriana"...first we had a volcano keeping Nelly from getting to Romania on time, then Marianne flying in between performances, what tremendous effort, but they did it. They wowed the Timisoara crowd during an unforgetful night at the opera.
More reactions and pictures to follow!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

In Bocca al lupo!

Marianne Cornetti will sing tonight, for the first time in Covent Garden, one of her signature roles Amneris, in Verdi's Aida. This is a mighty occasion, as it is also a brand new production of David McVicar, l'enfant terrible of opera stagings.
Marianne will take on the impetous role of Amneris for all six dates and will fly to Timisoara in between for her performance as Princess de Bouillon on the 29th.
(Below a picture of Marianne in a much more tame production of Aida)

Coming back home...

spot Nelly....

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Adriana Lecouvreur - Full Cast


Adriana Lecouvreur: NELLY MIRCIOIU
Princess of Buillon: MARIANNE CORNETTI
Michonet: DAN PATACA
Prince of Buillon: OCTAVIAN VLAICU
Poisson/Major-Domo: MARIUS ZAHARIA

Monday, 19 April 2010

Adriana Lecouvreur in Timisoara

Nelly will reprise her role as Adriana Lecouvreur on March 29 at the National Opera House in Timisoara, Romania. After her triumphant debut in 2000 at La Scala, Adriana has become one of Nelly's signature roles and she continued to perform it to great acclaim in Rome, London, Amsterdam and Bucharest. Last year, after the triumph in the role of Adriana, Tim Ashley wrote for The Guardian: "it would be difficult to imagine a greater Adriana than Miricioiu, who sang like a goddess and relentlessly probed the psyche of a woman who believes herself to be "the handmaid of creative genius" but whose artistry is dependent on her own unacknowledged emotional volatility. We believed in the artistry, too: some Adrianas are fazed by Racine, though Miricioiu performed him like one born to it."