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Hailed as a singing-actress, Nelly Miricioiu is one of the most versatile artists of our day. Her repertoire extends from Mozart and bel canto to Verdi, Puccini and the verismo to modern Italian opera Respighi and Zadonai, taking in French and Russian composers too. Her artistry has been praised by everyone, from fans to critics and fellow opera singers. She has sung all over the world on the most prestigious opera stages, from the Royal Opera House to La Scala, to the Met,to Sydney Opera House, to Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. For all that and more you can visit her official website, www.nellymiricioiu.com. This is something different. Rarely can all the official data and information convey the soul of an artist, the energy behind the artistry, the story behind each character, the person who goes home once the thick opera curtains have fallen. This is why Nelly and I, have come up with an idea of a blog. Welcome to Nelly's blog,the woman behind the diva.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Art runs in the family

A little while ago we all gathered at the Spiro Ark Centre in the heart of London, where the wonderful Maria Tudosa exhibited a series of paintings inspired by the Holocaust and Jewish sufferings. To honour her and this event, Maria's daughter, none other than Nelly Miricioiu, gave a moving recital for all those present together with one of her students Tal Katisr.
Nelly and her mother are bonded not only by blood but also by their love and deep involvement with art. After all, Maria named her daughter after the legendary soprano Nellie Melba, whose biography she was reading whilst pregnant.
Although Maria started off as an actress, she later discovered her passion for singing and began training as a soprano joining one of the most prestigious Romanian musical institutions, the George Enescu Philharmonic in Iasi, Romania.
A multidimesional artist, she continued assidously to expand her horizons by dedicating herself to ballet, poetry and painting, but it was in the latter where she could find the true expression of her artistic and spiritual nature.
A fervent opposer of the Romanian communist regime her art is strongly influenced by the fight against totalitarianism as well as her passion for mysticism, spirtuality and fantastic surrealism.
Maria has exhibited her work in both her native Romania and abroad, including at the Royal Academy of Art.
The exhibition closes on 9 April and for more details please click here. Maria Tudosa's full biography can be found here.

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